Isabella Gordon (Duchess)
True blue blood royalty and Lola's long standing society companion. She stole money from her father to start the Casino bank before swapping over privilege for underground. The diamonds are real but these gems don't just sparkle - they sizzle.
Flora McGuire (The ring mistress)
Lola's half-sister and Casino dance troupe governess. Flora learnt boxing from her father in Dublin at the age of five and has two fists of iron squeezed neatly into velvet gloves. Ms. McGuire dances like a butterfly and stings like a red hot steel hammer.
Pearl Dubois (The Pearl of Paris)
Lola's trusted and longstanding friend, they danced together at Folies Bergere before fleeing Paris with a full weeks door receipts. Pearl is a true femme fatale; she can kill with a dance.
Rosa Mae (The white witch)
With a mind sharper than a cut throat razor, Rosa sets the Casino table odds and manages the bets. Her best figures show when this enchantress starts to dance and the whole becomes so very definitely much more than the sum of the parts.
Lillie Muir (Kitten)
Runs the Casino gin business for Lola, tough and savvy this lady comes with a health warning - she does not play well with others. Sleek and sexy and moves like a savannah wild cat with the claws to match.

Lola's Underground Casino

A UK first, Lola's is a unique casino environment placing live entertainment at the centre of the gaming action, offering one of the few Dice tables in London together with roulette and blackjack tables that circle a cage housing Lola's famous dancing girls.

The space lovingly recreates the under stage Hippodrome of 1900.

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Under the Hippodrome, Little Newport Street, Leicester Square, WC2H 7JH
Dancers from 8pm til late, Gaming Sun-Wed 6pm-4am, Thurs-Sat 6pm-6am. (Click here for map)